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Minnesota, call Professional Wolf Hybrid Breeder Edye Marin at 530-990-2308 or email: edyemarin@gmail.com

Our Wolf Hybrid Ranch is nestled on 30 acres at the base of the Marble Mountain Wilderness. From the earliest age, the wolf hybrid puppies are interacting and socializing with our family - from children to grandparents. Our wolf dog puppies are super-socialized. The distinctive look and physical attributes of our mid-content and high-content wolf pack sets our wolf puppies apart from other wolf hybrid breeders. Our unique setting - similar to many in 
Minnesota - allows the wolf hybrid cubs to have large swaths of natural timber habitat in which to run and play. Meet our wolf hybrid family and experience the joy of a highly intuitive wolf with the loving desire to please its master and leader of its pack.

We feature a variety of wolves on our ranch. You will find a Timber Wolf, Arctic Wolf, Tundra Wolf, MacKenzie Valley Wolf, Red Wolf. Yes, you'll find pure white wolves and pure black wolves.

You can reach Edye Marin, the Wolf Hybrid Ranch Owner and Breeder by emailing edyemarin@gmail.com or calling 530-990-2308. Check out our videos CLICK HERE. All wolves on our ranch are Continental Kennel Club (CKC) Registered.

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Wolf Dogs Puppies For Sale Wolf Hybrid Puppies in United States and Canada
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