Wolf Dog Scrapbook - Previous litters of wolf hybrid puppies plus current photos and videos at our Wolf Dog Hybrid Puppies Ranch Serving California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington

This is a Big Scrapbook Page of wolf dog puppies born at our Wolf Hybrid Puppy Ranch. If you are one of our wolf owners, please send us a current picture so we can post what the "puppy" looks like now. Email your pictures to edyemarin@gmail.com

Evi's First Litter Hybrid Wolf Puppies: Evi is a sweetheart. They are from large, high-content wolf dog parents. Mother is Evi - mid-size, high-mid content Timber Wolf (click here for Evi's Blog) and Father is Zev - very high-content, extra-large Mackenzie Valley Wolf  (click here for Zev's Blog) Litter is CKC Registered.
Juliette is a Female Dark Grey Timber Wolf For Sale. CKC Registered. 

Zennia is a Female Light Tri-Color Timber Wolf For Sale. CKC Registered. 

Punky is a male light tan Timber Wolf for sale. CKC Registered. 

Bilbo is a male, tri-color Timber wolf for sale.  CKC registered.  

Colt is a male.  Medium-gray 
 Timber Wolf for sale. CKC Registered. 

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