Preparing for Your New Wolf Dog Puppy - Shipping and Preparation Information at our Wolf Dog Hybrid Puppies Ranch Serving California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington

Preparing for Your New Wolf Dog Puppy - Shipping and Preparation Information from your Northern California Wolf Dog Ranch

Preparing for your new wolf hybrid puppy can seem daunting, but it really isn't. You just have to figure out what to get in your back yard and what to get out of your back yard, before the wolf pup arrives.

We've compiled a few thoughts for you to consider below:

What Your Wolf Dog Puppy Will Come With

When you receive your new wolf dog from our Wolf Hybrid Ranch, your puppy comes with his or her registration papers for the Continental Kennel Club (CKC), a stuffed toy with the scent of its litter-mates and mother, a bag of food which it has been accustomed to begin to mix its new food. Your puppy will have a shot (vaccination) history packet with all of the wolf dog's information. Additionally, we provide a collar and leash for your wolf dog.

You may want to consider the following preparations as well:

Build A Wolf Den

Mark Hash, the Wolf Dog Ranch Facilities Manager, prepared an easy to follow, step-by-step with pictures tutorial on How To Build A Wolf Den From Scratch. Check out the plans here. The cost of the supplies is about $50 at our local lumber yard.

Learn how to train and care for your new wolf dog

Wolf Dog Ranch Trainer Seth Marin starts you with a good look at the balance between love and discipline when handling your wolf hybrid. Read Seth's Article "The Balance of Love and Discipline" - it doesn't cost you a cent.

Wolf Dog Ranch Breeder Edye Marin has prepared two articles for you to read before you receive your new wolf dog. Read Edye's articles "You Are the TOP DOG - letting your wolf dog know you're alpha" and "When You Get Your New Wolf Dog Home" - they are both FREE!

Learn About Your State Laws

Before you own a wolf dog, double check your state laws. Here is a list of the state laws - this list is also FREE!

Shipping Crate - Pet Carrier

Our extra large dog carrier will take care of your puppy for quite some time. It is a durable carrier which is approved for airplane travel. We will put cedar chips in the crate for the puppy's trip. Our Extra Large Wolf Dog Carrier is only $149

Veterinary Office Visit

Before your wolf dog puppy can fly on an airplane or travel by other public means, your pup will need to visit the vet for a check up. The veterinary office visit is $50.

Shipping Options

Personal Ranch Delivery - Western United States

One of us from the Wolf Hybrid Ranch will personally deliver your new puppy within an 800 mile radius within the Western United States from our Ranch in Etna, California 96027. Go to Google maps and get driving directions from Etna, California. If you fall within 800 miles from our ranch we will personally deliver your new puppy for only $250

For Example: Bellingham, WA; Palm Springs, CA; Boise, ID; Sacramento, CA; Las Vegas, NV; even Superior, Montana and Salt Lake City, Utah are all within the shipping radius to have someone from our Wolf Dog Ranch personally deliver your puppy. The piece of mind, alone, may be worth more than $250.

Airplane Travel

wolf dog airline
I have found my best results are scheduling a flight on either Delta or Continental. We can ship your puppy via Delta Airline out of Medford, Ore. (MFR) or Continental out of Sacramento, Calif. (SMF). In addition to the airplane ticket, we ask that you cover our personal delivery fee ($250) to transport your puppy personally to the airport.

Personal Visit to the Wolf Ranch

We welcome you to come and pick up your new puppy at the ranch. If you've never been up to the Mt. Shasta area of Northern California, come on by. We are located in Etna, CA

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