Wolf Dogs For Adoption to a Great New Home at our Wolf Dog Hybrid Puppies Ranch Serving California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington californiawolves.com

The following Wolf Dogs can be adopted by a good home from our Wolf Hybrid Ranch. 

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These puppies are super-socialized. Mother is Reiko - medium/large, mid-content Timber Wolf Dog (click here for Reiko's Blog) and Father is Vali - high-content, large Mackenzie Valley Wolf (click here for Vali's Blog). Litter is CKC Registered.

Achilles - Male - Wolf Hybrid Puppy for sale Mackenzie Valley and Timber Wolf. Achilles' Adoption Fee is $100

wolf hybrid puppies for sale
Sale Pending 
Mel - Male - 
Wolf Hybrid Puppy for sale Mackenzie Valley and Timber Wolf. CKC Registered. Mel's Adoption Fee is $200

Fry is a Timber Wolf and German Shepherd mix
Fry is a mid content timber wolf dog which was born in 2010. He is a neutered male. Take a look at is beautiful yellow wolf eyes. He loves the water. Fry's Adoption Fee is $100. 

Cody is a mid content wolf dog. Cody's Adoption Fee is $100

For more information about wolf dog puppies for sale or for adoption at the Wolf Hybrid Puppy Ranch,
please call Professional Wolf Hybrid Breeder Edye Marin at (530) 990-2308 or email at edyemarin@gmail.com

Our wolf hybrid puppies for sale are raised in a natural environment in a secluded woody terrain. 


of the close proximity to the house for all the sections of the wolf forest and the constant interaction with our family, our puppies are raised with contact and intimate socializing.

The distinctive look and physical attributes of our mid-to-high content wolf pack sets our puppies apart from other breeders.