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Contact: Edye Marin (530) 990-2308

“I Love Wolves” Project: Love in Any Language launched by internationally to translate phrase after apparent inaccuracies in

Using the language of love, Edye Marin, at, launched “I Love Wolves” Project: Love in Any Language to bring people around the world together, but found too many inaccuracies when utilizing

“I found in Albanian and Latvian the words “I love” stayed the same from English to the different language, yet the word “wolves” translated into “ujq” andvilki” respectively,” Marin said.

The flip side of the Google translation was that in Filipino “I love wolves” became “Pag-ibig ko wolves” which seemed odd to Marin that the word “wolves” did not translate to the Filipino tongue. converts 64 different languages. Marin found oddities in  seven of the 64 languages. Wycliffe Bible Translators, in Orlando, Fla. estimates more than 6,800 languages are spoken in the world today.

The wolf hybrid breeder decided the best way to find the actual translations of the words “I love wolves” was to ask the people of the world.

“I decided to ask the world of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Topix and Ask for help accomplishing what Google Translate is not accurately accomplishing,” said Marin. “I look forward to seeing how many languages we can translate “I love wolves.”

The complete “I Love Wolves” Project: Love in Any Language List, can be found at

For Immediate Release

Contact: Edye Marin (530) 990-2308

Rarely Seen Pure White and Pure Black Wolf Dog Puppies Born at 

Edye Marin, breeder for , announced several new litters of wolf hybrid puppies with pure white and pure black wolf cubs. A white phase Arctic Wolf or polar wolf is rarely seen in its natural settings as the packs are typically far from human contact.

“Arctic wolves typically live on the islands in the Canadian Arctic and around the north coast of Greenland,” said wolf hybrid breeder Marin. “You don’t often have a chance to see a polar wolf in the wild.”

Black wolves are more typically seen in the south, near Florida, according to William Temple Hornaday, of the New York Zoological Society in 1911.

Marin’s Wolf Hybrid Ranch is located in a mountainous region near Mount Shasta. The wolves find a sanctuary at the ranch as they have large swaths of timber land to run and roam. Many of the adult wolf dogs on the ranch were rescued by Edye Marin. The wolves have both snow in the winter and heat in the summer for the white and black phase wolves at the ranch.

The employees at the Wolf Hybrid Ranch fluently speak Spanish and launched for wolf dog puppy customers in Latin America. She also introduced for potential new wolf dog owners in Canada, Alaska, and the Arctic region.

“The white wolf is popular for customers in the south and the black wolf is more in demand in the north,” said Marin. “The wolf color appeal must be according to its rareness in a region.”

By combining genetic dispositions based on bloodline for white or black, Marin is able to breed her wolves to throw a higher percentage of white or black wolf dog pups.

“Our wolves understand both languages, English and Spanish,” said Marin.

For more information regarding the Wolf Hybrid Puppy Ranch, email Edye Marin at or  

For Immediate Release

Contact: Edye Marin (530) 990-2308 goes international
Wolf Dog Ranch launches for Latin America and United Arab Emirates

Edye Marin, breeder for , has launched several new websites targeting the international wolf dog market. Marin, who fluently speaks Spanish, launched for wolf dog puppy customers in Latin America.

“I want everyone around the world to know hablamos español,” Marin said.  has quickly become one of the most popular “wolf hybrid puppies” searches on Google. Marin launched the website this summer as an experiment to determine actual Google search results from exclusively using Google applications to build a website. Her website,, currently ranks at the top of page one in a “wolf hybrid puppies” Google search.

In addition, Marin launched, a website for international customers, especially wolf dog puppy customers in Canada.

“Invitamos a todo el mundo a venir a visitar nuestro rancho de lobos y cachorros,” said Marin.

Marin hopes to do now internationally what she set out this summer to do using a California demographic for wolf dog puppies for sale on a statewide level.

“I would love to ship a puppy to the United Arab Emirates,” Marin said. “Plus, we all speak both English and Spanish on the ranch. Our wolves understand both languages.”

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